Hi, I'm Claire Richmond.

I created HAH5 from my couch, while I was recovering from a devastating acute porphyria attack. My  illness cost me 18 years of living in excruciating pain, took my full-time job, challenged my relationships, and forced me to drop out of marathon training. But it didn't take my dreams.

Finding joy amidst the chronic pain.

People ask me all the time how living with porphyria affects my day-to-day. This site is a safe place for me to share my story, my growth, and my setbacks, as I live a life in caution. I live with a disease for which there is no cure, and there exists a high degree of daily maintenance to be stable. I hope porphies and others with chronic health challenges, both mental and physical, can relate and derive hope from my real talk.

Sending greeting cards changed my life.

I believe in the power of gratitude practice and giving high fives. Sending a card is an easy way to be intentional, gracious and impact others. I invite you to discover the healing power of thank you cards.